Canoeing on the Cher River

Friday afternoon, Isabelle, the director of CLE Language school, led a group of students on a canoeing adventure.  We canoed 12 km down the Cher river, paddling underneath one of the most impressive chateaux of the region: Chenonceau.  Though we didn’t go inside to explore the interior, it was obvious our vantage point from the river provided the best views of the castle from the outside.

I felt like Pocahontas bravely kayaking into uncharted territory: “It’s just around the riverbend!”
Chenonceau: We paddled underneath!  Also, this castle was used as a hospital during WWII. Pretty cool!


Les amoreux – as Isabelle and Marc say

I paddled in front and Andrew directed the canoe.  I’m sure that I did quite a bit more paddling than Andrew.  Every time I turned around to check, he was taking a quick break!

After the 3 hour adventure on the water, Isabelle efficiently guided us to the nearest riverside garden bar.  With an overlook of the water, a drink in hand, and a snack, we were quickly revived.  We tried a few of the region’s specialties, including pulled duck (it looks like BBQ pork), fois gras, and goat cheese with more duck meat mixed in.  We both decided we’ve had enough duck for the trip!

If you ever visit the Loire Valley, a water ride on one of the rivers, whether by boat, canoe, or kayak, is definitely recommended to take advantage of the best views and breeze from the water!


2 thoughts on “Canoeing on the Cher River

  1. Les amoreux, I assume means “lovers”, n’est pas? Did Andrew ever take the front paddling seat and let you guide the canoe? It appears the castle is built right in the middle of the river and thus, it flows underneath the castle. The medieval attack must have come by water. Looks like fun!

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