The weekend: An update

Andrew and I had a nice Spring weekend in and around Cantabria. We took another hike to the top of the Monte Buciero in Santoña. The view from the top back towards the marshlands offers a complete picture of the landscape surrounding Laredo. Besides spotting the normal livestock, we got to see lambs and calves dotting the hillsides as well. After all, it is the time of year when new life naturally begins!

On Sunday we visited Bilbao and went to the Museo Vasco, a museum that chronicles Basque history, life and geography. I would recommend it for Hispanophiles, Spanish speakers and persons interested in geography. One of the most interesting exhibits was about life in coastal fishing towns one hundred years (or more!) ago. Talk about a hard, isolated life! Also noteworthy is a model of the geography of the province of Vizcaya that is interactive.

We finished our weekend off in style with another round of chocolate con churros and the movie Martha Marcy Mae Marlene, which is disturbing and only recommended for true movie buffs since the acting is impeccable. We’re off to a good start of the week here, planning for classes and trying not to think too much about our Spring Fever! Have a great week.



5 thoughts on “The weekend: An update

  1. Y los ingleses tienen mucha envidia!
    I used to have to take students in the Museo Vasco about twice a month; there was once a brilliant photography exhibition on Basque fishing villages 🙂
    The hike looks gorgeous – you’ve done San Juan de Gaztelugatxe already right? x

    1. Uh no, haven’t done that hike yet, but it is on the short list as of NOW! Thanks for the recommendation!! The exhibit of the Basque fishing villages is still there, we thought it was the best part of the museum since we’d been to lots of the same little villages. have a great week! besos!

  2. I like the lambs, the tulips and the pictures from on top of the mountain. It looks like you had a very relaxing weekend, with a touch of exercise. (I noticed a Brighton Ski Resort shirt in the photos – good times!)

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