Wow, do Andrew and I have enough turrón to last us a lifetime.  The sweet family that allow me go to their home each week to give conversation lessons gifted me the most delicious Spanish Christmas sweet.  They have truly been one of the bright spots for me since I have been in Spain and I hope that I will be able to continue to work with them throughout our year here.  They are generous and kind and exemplify hospitality.  I hope that I can be as good of an ambassador for the United States as they are for España.

Turrón blando is a paste made from ground almonds, honey, milk, flour and eggs.  It is a traditional Navidad treat and it literally melts in your mouth.  I like it quite a bit (think almond butter, but sweeter and richer) but Andrew isn’t so sure.  Included in our package were polvorones, marzipan people and turrón duro.  We’ve yet to try the turrón duro, but I’m sure we’ll break it out over the holidays.

Last week at tutoring, I did attempt to make pumpkin bread with the family as a way to share a traditional American holiday sweet with them. I thought they might like seeing canned pumpkin, individual measuring cups and learning new food vocabulary. It turned into a minor disaster though.  The oven smoked up a thick black, smelly fog that spilled into the kitchen (who knew it needed to be on circulate?!), there was no dish soap to be found and I miscalculated the conversion for the oven temperature by 20 degrees Celsius.  That’s no small mistake, let me tell you. Our bread turned out black on top, but tasty in the middle.  Just remember 350 degrees Fahrenheit equals 150 degrees Celsius, not 170 degrees Celsius.  ¡Feliz navidad!


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