Last Saturday we took a day trip (excursión) to the town of three lies, Santillana del Mar. The three lies are as follows:  there is no mar (sea), it’s not llano (flat), and it isn’t santo (holy). Either way, we had a great time. Santillana is the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon and eat a delicious, traditional meal. We also stopped by the Altamira cave museum, which is about 2km up the road from the center of Santillana.  The actual cave with the real ancient drawings is closed until further notice (restoration and safety issues being the reasons), but the museum has a nice replica of the cave, complete with ceiling paintings and the Spanish language tour is worth the half hour it takes.  On the way home we deviated to see La Castañeda, a romanesque church in a nearby village.  Our final stop was in Liérganes, the home of a super old bridge, which might have been Andrew’s favorite part of the trip.  He loves discovering “secret” spots other tourists might not know about.