Thanksgiving Weekend

Even though we didn’t get to be at home over Thanksgiving weekend, we still got to celebrate in style.  We made a trip down to Bejár, which is located in the neighboring Comunidad Autónoma of Castilla y León.  The drive took about 5 hours, which was the only downside, but Andrew and I were both glad to be with friends, to be with a family who loves the Lord, and to be able to attend church with them on Sunday morning.  We ate in honor of a Southern Thanksgiving, complete with stuffing, potato salad, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato casserole.  We had touches of traditional Spanish cuisine all weekend as well:  chorizo, gambas, churros for breakfast, and manchego cheese.  To work off all of our extra calories, we did some major hiking on Saturday.  First up, for a morning warm up, we climbed to the top of Peña Negra.  From the summit, you can see snow-capped mountains in the distance.  The Sierra de Bejár is at the tail-end of the Gredos mountain chain, which starts just north of Madrid.  After a huge lunch, we set off for another hike, which was a little strenuous since we had just stuffed ourselves.  I’ll admit I had a side stitch.  But it was great fun and we got to see a century old tree at the end.  We both had a relaxing, restorative weekend and are really thankful to be blessed with generous friends and hospitality here in Spain.

Andrew and I have talked quite a bit about what makes travelling enjoyable. He has said that it’s not always the destination that makes a trip worthwhile, but rather the people that are waiting for you once you arrive.  After thinking about this, I can say that I agree.  Sometimes the places that linger most fondly in one’s memory aren’t the ones filled with spectacular monuments and art galleries, but rather the places that teach one about true hospitality.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. there is spectacular scenery in Decatur, AL (haha – at the Grenada East) and spectacular hospitality, chez the Boyds. Wish we could have hosted you for a few days over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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