Weekend Update

Well, we’ve been noticeably absent from the blog this week, not because we haven’t been having adventures on the Northern Spanish coast, rather because they are adventures we figure you’d rather not read about (ie possible bug infestations and excessive mucus).  I won’t be too detailed but I’ll recap this week for you…

I accidentally gave my cold to Andrew.  This is his second cold in a row.  We’re both still a little bit snotty.  And a little grumpy.  We had class on Wednesday and Thursday.  I think we are both finally getting the hang of keeping our sweet students entertained.  Unfortunately a class (older students studying a travel unit) I was looking forward to got cancelled, so I spent most of my time playing charades, reviewing the present perfect and practicing the question words.  Friday was particularly eventful.  We started off by getting up early to make the short bus trip to Santander to pick up our TIE (tarjeta de identidad extranjera) cards.  Thankfully, that was painless and quite successful.  The paperwork process for being an auxiliar de conversación has been completed, after over a year of jumping through bureaucratic hoops and paying fees (!).   Once back at our fourth floor apartment in quaint Laredo, I found the culprit (we hope) of the bug bites we have been suffering. Don’t ask me how two people who have no pets end up with fleas, but I think it happened to us.  After trying in vain to consult a pest control company here in Spain (who knew that control de plaga is the responsibility of the town hall? Cooks Pest Control to the rescue, please!) we decided our best plan of action was to furiously clean our humble abode.  One of the teachers at my school graciously let us borrow a steamer, so every surface here has been vacuumed, steamed, washed, windexed and altogether disinfected.  Its pretty spotless if I don’t say so.

A couple highlights:  I found a grocery store here that carries red lentils and fresh basil.  They even have Negra Modelo (I think we might have earned one!).  Also, I have recently been missing the Food Network (shallow, what can I say?).  But, we have found an alternative!  David de Jorge, better known as Robin Food.  And to top it off, his cooking shows are in Spanish, so Andrew will gladly watch this dude chop and dice with me.  And we ate this for breakfast.  We aren’t suffering too much, don’t worry 🙂  The rain has set in over the Cantabrian Coast, so we’ll be enjoying a weekend in the great indoors.  We hope you have a great weekend too, bug and mucus free!


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