Afternoon Autumn Snack

These are my substitute for caramel apples on Halloween.  They didn’t take any time at all to put together and the smell of cinnamon apples roasting in the oven is irresistible.  I used granny smith apples and cut them in half, but forgot to peel them, whoops.  Still edible, but they would have been much better if I’d have remembered to peel them.  Also, I stuck a couple of raisins inside each little pouch for good measure.

These old fashioned apple dumplings have already been devoured on todos los Santos, better known as a day off school, here in Laredo, Spain.


One thought on “Afternoon Autumn Snack

  1. Your mom made me some caramel apples last week and they were tasty but so sticky that we could not get them off the wax paper and then everything we touched stuck to us. I felt as if I had stickem on my hands. Did taste ok though. Yours look very nice. Enjoy, Dad

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